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Whitley Strieber - Memories of Mind Control and Childhood Abuse

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Whitley Strieber - Memories of Mind Control and Childhood Abuse

01/09/10 Subscriber Special: Whitley Strieber's Childhood Tragedy

Whitley Strieber writes, "For years, I have grappled with strange memories from early childhood that suggested involvement in some sort of abusive program. But I was never sure what these memories meant, until, in December of 2009, I received corroboration that has shocked me deeply."

Listen as Whitley details his memories, and also discusses just why it is that he feels that organizations like the False Memory Syndrome Foundation are not to be trusted.

There is evidence that children have been abused in efforts to induce split personalities, among other things.

What Whitley has to say will shock you. It will anger you. But it will also inform you about a hidden area of life that cannot continue to be overlooked, and a practice that must be stopped.


Big Brotherâs Recipe for âRevolution in Military Affairsâ

by Glenn Krawczyk

[The following article is printed with permission from Nexus magazine, June-July 1995.]
Are we being taken for a psychological ride by the self-appointed elite, via various covert military and propaganda campaigns designed to foster widespread belief in ETs as part of the grand-design for the psycho-civilisation of mankind?
The Revolution
In 1994, the Strategic Studies Institute (SSI) of the US Army War College (Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania) produced a paper entitled, âThe Revolution in Military Affairs and Conflict Short of Warâ1. In the paper, the authors propose that, âMany American strategic thinkers believe that we are in the beginning stages of a (sic) historical revolution in military affairs (RMA). This will not only change the nature of warfare, but also alter the global geopolitical balance.â2

This revolution is not only strategic. It is also fundamentally technological.

âSensor technology, robotics, nonlethal weapons, and intelligence meshes will be used in combating terrorism, counteracting narcotrafficking, and peace operations. These technologies, along with stimulator training and unmanned aerial vehicles, will also be useful in insurgency and counterinsurgency.â 3

The authors of the SSI paper recommend ongoing research, analysis and debate on a number of topics including, âTechnology designed specifically for conflict short of war, especially psychological, biological, and defensive technology.â4 They also suggest that, as âlarge numbers of Americans may find themselves in areas of instability and conflictâ, such individuals might benefit from being âequipped with an electronic position locator device (PLD). The device, derived from the electronic bracelet used to control some criminal offenders or parolees, would continually inform a central data bank of the individualsâ locations. Eventually, such a device could be implanted under the skinâ¦â5

The paper also openly declares that, âBehaviour modification is a key component of peace enforcement,â and that â"Soft kill" systems can play a key role.â6 Furthermore, with regard to counterinsurgency, âGreatly improved intelligence gathering and fusion is a primary component of the RMA, and proposed information warfare capabilities might be ideally suited for helping develop desired emotions, attitudes or behaviour.â7

The authors recognise that, âThe use of new technology may also run counter to basic American valuesâ, and that, âDeception, while frequently of great military or political value, is thought of as somehow "un-American".â8

Due to this fact, and also that the majority of Americans may find the use of many of the emerging technologies âmorally difficultâ, the authors conclude that the military might consider that American values and attitudes thus form significant constraints on full use of emerging technology, at least in anything short of a perceived war for national survival.â9

The central premise of the paper is that:

âIn its purest sense, revolution brings change that is permanent, fundamental, and rapid. The basic premise of the revolution in military affairs (RMA) is simple: throughout history, warfare usually developed in an evolutionary fashion, but occasionally ideas and inventions combined to propel dramatic and decisive change. This not only affected the application of military force, but often altered the geopolitical balance in favour of those who mastered the new form of warfare. The stakes of military revolution are thus immenseâ¦â 10

With such âimmenseâ stakes, might the military have felt the need to covertly foster revolution in order to bring about the change necessary to make the use of new weapons and technologies less âmorally difficultâ for the American people? The paper leaves the reader in little doubt that the answer to this question is resolutely affirmative, for the paper declares:

âOvercoming these constraints to make RMA in conflict short of war would require fundamental changes in the United States - an ethical and political revolution may be necessary to make a military revolution.â 11

The authors then declare that, rather than being limited by âconstraints and countermeasuresâ, âthere is another alternative: we could deliberately engineer a comprehensive revolution, seeking utter transformation rather than simply an expeditious use of new technology.â12

Have the opening moves of such a revolution already been played? Is the American national security establishment already at war with its own citizens (and those of other âcivilisedâ nations) in order to coerce them to accept the formerly unacceptable by means of âthe manipulation of images, beliefs, attitudes, and perceptionsâ13 , that is, psychological warfare? Once again, the reader is left with little doubt that the answer to this question is a resolute YES.

The authors write that to achieve a âRevolution in Military Affairsâ, the Army must fully recognise that psychological technology is of much greater importance than strike technology:

âWays must be found to use emerging technology, including advanced artificial intelligence and information dissemination systems, to help military strategists develop, implement, and continually improve methods of influencing opinion, mobilising public support, and sometimes demobilising it.â 14

The Recipe
The Association of National Security Alumni is a Maryland-based organisation composed primarily of former US national security establishment employees who oppose the use of covert operations. The Association letterhead declares their credo:

ââ¦Covert actions are counterproductive and damaging to the national interest of the United States. They are inimical to the operations of an effective national intelligence system and corruptive of civil liberties, including the functioning of the judiciary and a free press. Most importantly, they contradict the principles of democracy, national self-determination and international law to which the United States is publicly committed.â 15

In 1992, an Association sub-group known as the Electronic Surveillance Project published a preliminary investigative report, entitled âMicrowave Harassment & Mind Control Experimentationâ, which detailed the covert deployment and testing of emerging behaviour-modifying direct-energy technologies on US citizens against whom the United States Government has no legitimate legal or moral claim. The initial study investigated the claims of 12 alleged victims of covert harassment and experimentation. By mid-1993 the Association had been contacted by approximately 72 victims, and at the same time of this writing has been approached by over 200 such individuals.16

In a 1993 supplement to the original report, written by Julianne McKinney, Director of the Electronic Surveillance Project and author of the initial report, it states:

âWhile the majority of these "experiments" reside in the United States, a number of virtually identical complaints have also been received from England, Canada and Australia. It would appear that these activities are also ongoing on the European continent, and in the former Soviet Union. Connections between this global pattern of activity and the objectives of the so-called New World Order remain to be determined.

âThe categories of types of complaints being received by this Project have also changed since publication of this report. Survivors of certain satanic cults (alleged to protect the interests of government and military âpolitical satanistsâ in this country), former Vietnam-era âprogrammed assassinsâ, prison inmates, and so-called UFO abducteesâ are now reporting an array of experiences (and symptoms) which are remarkably similar to those addressed in this report. Experimental drugs, induced auditory input, vicious overt harassment, attempted psychiatric discrediting (unless the experimentee dutifully claims to be a UFO abductee), and an extremely painful array of externally-induced symptoms are included in this shared panoply of experiences.â

McKinney later states:

âIt has been suggested that the long-term objective of all this experimentation is to develop a system by which all (surviving) citizens of this country may be monitored and tracked by a sophisticated, perhaps satellite-based cybernetics system. Certainly some of the research being dedicated to "mapping of the brain" shows this potential. We are in receipt of preliminary information which points to magnetic resonance imaging as being critical to this process.â 17

Upon reading the Strategic Studies Institute paper, âThe Revolution in Military Affairs and Conflict Short of Warâ, McKinney wrote to the authors, Steven Metz, PhD., and LTC James Kievit, to critique its content. In the letter, McKinney writes:

âFirst, I noticed a rather curious omission in your paper; namely, the impact of a ârevolutionisedâ military on the rights of US citizens as they might be inferred to exist under Article IX of the United States Constitution. True, you have expressed some concern about potential âethicsâ violations resulting from unconstrained evolutionary or revolutionary processes; however, I see no reference anywhere in your paper to the militaryâs primary responsibility in upholding, protecting and defending the US Constitution.â 18

Armed with information gathered during investigations by the Electronic Surveillance Project, as well as the testimony of the individuals whose cases the Project has studied, McKinney suggested in her letter that the ârecipeâ for a successful ârevolution in military affairsâ (RMA) was, in fact, considered some 30 years ago and may presently consist of the following ingredients:

âSatanic Cults; UFO cults; Directed-Energy Technologies; Neurocybernetics/Psychotechnologies; Biotechnologies/Experimental Drugs; Multinational Government Contractors and Subsidiaries; Investment Portfolios and Other Financial Inducements; Imported Foreign National Scientists; A Controlled and Compliant Media; Decentralised US Government Control; An Induced Crime Wave.â 19

Julianne McKinney herself is a former US Army intelligence officer who apparently ran operatives out of Berlin. Bearing this in mind, it is perhaps reasonable to assume that she would have a fair understanding of the typical mindset of members of the national security establishment, and that her list of âingredientsâ may therefore be based on something more than idle and uninformed speculation. One âexperimenteeâ from whom this author recently received correspondence refers to Ms McKinneyâs assessment as âimpeccable military know-howâ.

McKinney wryly (and accusingly) suggests in her missive to Metz and Kievit of the SSI that the above ingredients might result in their desired ârevolution in military affairsâ if combined in the following manner:


" I. Raise one or two generations of children under the auspices of government-approved satanic cults, such as Col. (USA Ret.) Michael Aquinoâs Temple of Set. Violent sexual, physical and psychological abuse of these children over a period of 15 years will produce generations of dissociative automatons who will comply with instructions in obedient, unquestioning fashion. Their required adherence to cult tenets precludes any consideration of laws governing US society, generally. Cult programmed "graduates", among other things will be expected to participate in contrived UFO abduction scenarios.

"2. Create a global UFO cult, which will involve the abduction of citizens so as to foster an illusion that this earth is facing an extraterrestrial invasion. UFO abductees-of-preference will have an expertise in computer technologies, since that expertise will be required in future technocratic RMA (Revolution in Military Affairs) scenarios. Use of experimental drugs, holographic projection capabilities, directed-energy technologies, induced auditory input, experimental aircraft, and special effects costuming and stagecraft, among other things, will be used to persuade abductees of the reality of their circumstances. Official denials regarding these events will employ reverse psychology to ensure that all such denials are taken as official confirmation of an imminent and/or ongoing extraterrestrial invasion. UFO abductees will be persuaded to worship their anticipated extraterrestrial âconquerorsâ in cult-enforced religious fashion. UFO cult networks will be controlled by US Intelligence to limit infiltration and ensure that dissidents do not disrupt UFO cult long-term agendas. Uncontrollable dissidents will be assassinated, preferably by directed-energy means. Dissociative Satanic cult graduates will handle all such executions: i.e., when not actively lending logistical and theatrical support to UFO abduction operations.

"3. Directed-energy surveillance and weapons technologies of ALL types will be used for purposes of spreading fear and confusion in the population at large (under deniable circumstances), for eliminating persons deemed âadversarialâ to US national security interests; and for spotting, assessing and manipulating potential recruits to RMA causes.

"4. Neurocybernetics and other psychotechnologies will be used to sow confusion and hypochondria in the population at large. The symptoms and effects produced by these and other directed-energy technologies will parallel the effects produced by various microbes, viruses and chemical imbalances, thus compelling a large segment of society to seek medical intervention which, in turn, will be a basis for their being used for medical experimentation under âvoluntaryâ circumstances. Psychiatrists and psychologists will play an important role in these experiments, particularly where denying the efficacy of neurocybernetics/psychotechnologies is concerned. Citizens complaining of âhearing voicesâ will be used as a basis for (generously) government-funded, schizophrenic-related brain research, since comprehension and control of the human brain is critical to the sustained success of any long-term RMA. (Total control of the human mind may have to wait another century or so.) Satanic cult graduates, drug dealers, gang members recruited off the streets, and foreign nationals will be housed at black-funded government expense (under comparatively luxurious circumstances) and trained in the use of these directed-energy technologies. (Technicians who may be obliged to drive targeted US citizens insane or to their deaths do not need to be burdened by considerations of morality, ethics or the US Constitution.)...

"5. Mix biotechnologies and experimental drugs generously throughout all of these ingredients. The unsuspecting US citizen of today may be the cyborg soldier of tomorrow.

"6. Multinational corporations under contract to the US Government play a very important role in this recipe - particularly those engaged in the development of directed energy surveillance and weapons technologies, and those in the business of telecommunications. Corporations and their subsidiaries will have the primary responsibility of experimenting on US citizens with directed-energy technologies under appropriately-deniable circumstances; and of maintaining all records concerning the results of that experimentation. Corporations will also systematically install surveillance and directed-energy targeting systems in government and other office buildings, in public establishments, in educational institutions, in apartment buildings, in neighbourhoods, on streets and highways, and in prisons, jails and psychiatric institutions. The publicâs attention will NOT be drawn to the antenna arrays and other ground-based devices and wiring configurations being used for this purpose. The Global Positioning System (GPS) will play an important part in these activities, with the expense to be sustained by government-funded contractors. Centralised control of these surveillance and targeting systems will be maintained in appropriately deployed bunkers, at an expense to be assumed by black-funded corporate contractors. Contractors may toy with these systems on an occasional basis, such as by bringing down an airliner or two for test purposes (such as, recently, near Pittsburgh); by inducing occasional targets of surveillance to erupt into acts of violence involving mass murder; and by assassinating occasional sports and public figures who exceed agreed-upon standards of mediocrity. However, no concerted large-scale effort is permitted until the ingredients of this recipe have obtained a âproper mixâ.

"7. Investment portfolios and other financial inducements are critical to the long-term success of this pending RMA. There is much money to be had in the development of directed-energy systems and biotechnologies. Lucrative investment portfolios have a way of keeping Members of Congress, owners of the Major Media and other public officials silent. (Satanic cult âkiddiesâ trained porn stars serve an equally useful purpose, as do demonstrations of the effectiveness of directed-energy technologies on more obstreperous types; however, greed has long been recognised the primary mover and shaker in matters covert and should be exploited accordingly.) Financial inducements otherwise have a way of buying the continued co-operation of all persons participating in or directly knowledgeable of the ingredients in this recipe,

"8. Out-of-work East Bloc military personnel and their vehicles and other equipment will be brought into this country under the guise of a "UN" logo housed under comparatively luxurious circumstances at black-funded corporate expense, for specialised urban/LIC (low intensity conflict) training otherwise deniable DoD auspices. Use of a UN logo on incoming vehicles and forms is to spread confusion and fear in the populace at large, facilitating efforts by this government at eliminating that institution as a potentially effective tool for peaceful change. Imported East Bloc soldiers will be paid as mercenaries for employment in this country only when a proper mix of this recipeâs ingredients has been obtained.

"9. Foreign national scientists, predominantly from the Far and Near East and from Germany and Russia, will be brought into this country to participate in such activities as brain and biophysics research as they pertain to the further development of neurocybernetics and other directed-energy technologies. Foreign nationals unlike most Americans, are not burdened by early indoctrination concerning human rights vis-a-vis lethal forms of involuntary human experimentation. Foreign national scientists have also demonstrated greater capacity for imaginative (and obedient) scientific research than exists indigenously in this country. Their brains must be picked.

"10. A controlled and compliant media is critical to sustained deniability in this evolutionary process. The media will ignore complaints from US citizens regarding growing evidence of police-state actions in this country, while concurrently landing the militaryâs advanced technologies as being the âgentleâ supplement to existing conventional weapons systems. The media will also ensure that the publicâs attention is kept diverted from more serious issues and, instead, that it is focused on hyped-up âsleazeâ events such as The Kneecapping of Nancy Kerrigan, O.J. Simpsonâs Problems With Satanic Cult Murders, The Bobbing of Bobbitt, etc., etc. When pondering the national security implications of an Amy Fischer, the public is not likely to notice the antenna arrays springing up around this country like mushrooms, the inducing of âsickâ office buildings and public establishments by directed-energy means on an ever-widening basis, or other similar indicators of an evolving RMA.

"11. Decentralised government controlâa panacea currently being sought by a befuddled American public to relieve their (contrived) economic woesâis one means by which FCC oversight can be permanently eliminated. FCC monitoring of communications frequencies might ultimately result in an untimely disclosure that those frequencies are being used to facilitate implementation of a successful RMA and should therefore be squelched. Decentralisation will be employed selectively and with mud diverting Congressional fanfare, Law enforcement agencies will be subjected to greater centralised control, as will those agencies and institutions such as the FDA which are currently engaged in biomedical research. With the help of a compliant media, the centralisation of these latter types of agencies will elude public attention.

"12. Crime in this country will be induced. The sales of illegal drugs and weapons reap profits which help fund the foregoing. This activity is the preferred alternative to increased taxes, since tax increases tend to alienate a public which already has doubt about where its money is going. Drug dealers will be protected since they play an important role in this recipe. Widespread addiction to illegal drugs and drug-sale profits will serve to eliminate and neutralise a large (parasitic) segment of society which might otherwise make undue demands for a âpiece of the American Pieâ (employment, education, etc.). Drug addiction fosters a certain degree of crime; however, to ensure that the public comprehends the need for martinet laws, expanded law enforcement capabilities and greater numbers of prisons, crimes of a sensational nature will be induced on a periodic basis which, with the help of the media, will lead to the publicâs voluntarily agreeing to sacrifice its privacy for safety. Neurocybernetics, psychotechnologies, biochemicals and directed-energy weapons and surveillance systems will be used to induce acts of violence, ranging from simple one-time mass murders (such as in post offices and on subway systems) to long-term serial killings involving cannibalism and other gruesome deeds. Rape and child molestation will be facilitated by means of directed-energy (radar) targeting of reproductive organs. The perpetrators of these crimes, by claiming to hear âvoicesâ and to be the targets of radio-frequency harassment, will serve two distinct purposes; viz., (1) they will enhance official deniability, since the public is not yet prepared to believe their claims of mind-control experimentation; and (2) they will hasten the publicâs abandoning of privacy for the sake of safety. Prison inmates will be routinely targeted for experimentation. Those sociopathic and psychopathic prisoners who show the greatest potential for future social disruption will be the most likely to be paroled or to be allowed to escape before we proceed with Step 13, below.

"13. Mix the foregoing ingredients in calculated fashion until the order is given (in or around the late 1990s) to commence with â Total Chaosâ. On that day, the order will be given to activate ALL directed-energy systems at maximum amplitudes, i.e., office buildings, private residences, on the streets and highways, in psychiatric wards, in prison and jail systems, and in public establishments. Satanic cult members, who, until now, have been held in relative abeyance, will be given the order to concurrently run rampant for purposes of raping and butchering US citizens aâ la Ruwanda [sic] while the latter are preoccupied with trying to comprehend their extreme throes of pain, radio frequency burns and rupturing internal organs. Satanic cult members will be aided in this process by escaped prison inmates and psychiatric patients who, on the day in question, will find that the doors in their detention facilities are no longer locked. Once this (relatively low-level) Chaos has commenced, all previously regulated communications frequencies will be overridden by a single transmission coming from an underground bunker; specifically, the voice of an âextraterrestrialâ announcing that this country has been invaded from outer space. TVs and radios which are not operating at the time will be activated by means of technologies recently adopted for ânational emergencyâ purposes.20 Viewers of TVs will be addressed by a person garbed in special-effects extraterrestrial costuming and make-up. The average US citizen, being gullible in cases involving "War of the Worlds" scenarios and having no knowledge of the effects produced by amplified directed-energy systems, will firmly believe that an extraterrestrial invasion is underway. UFO cultists, persuaded that their equivalent of God had arrived will rush to their terminals and assigned directed-energy emitters (on which the have been systematically trained), to assist the âinvadersâ in this takeover (while saving their own necks). Imported East Bloc mercenaries will also be set loose upon the terrorised public to wreak their own unique brutal brand of Havoc.

"14. Now comes your RMA. The DoD will intervene to put an end to the carnage merely hinted at under Step 12, above. It is here the Army will be brought into the process. Being of the opinion that upholding and defending the US Constitution the average US Army soldier will willingly and obediently obey any order to intervene, particularly if the order is given in the context of a posse comitatus. Simply put, the military will be induced to take over this government in unsuspecting fashion, for purposes of trying to restore order to circumstances which evolved over the past 30 years under their very noses. Uncorrupted law enforcement officers will take part in this activity just as enthusiastically as the military, in the belief that their services are needed to restore law and order. US citizens who are currently tagged as âdissidentâ will be re-tagged âterroristâ for removal to the concentration camps which are rumoured [to] be under construction in this country, guarded by government-contracted security firms such as Wackenhutt [sic]. The average soldier having no basis for disbelief, will readily participate in these roundups. Because the US military has demonstrated a remarkable inability to handle concentration camps on a long-term basis, particularly when disruptive elements are housed in the detainee population (ex: Guantanamo and Florida), executions of detainees will commence. From then on, doesnât really matter, does it? The revolution is underway.21

Outrageous, paranoid, totally far-fetched and unsubstantiated extremist conspiracy theory - or is it? After all, how many Rwandans were massacred today? How many more innocent civilians died in Chechnya? How many drive-by shootings took place on the streets? How many people died in the latest âterroristâ bombing? How many âdeath metalâ records permanently burned their nihilistic messages into teenage memories? How many children lost their innocence to hate and fear?

The final paragraph of âThe Revolution in military Affairs and Conflict Short of Warâ states:

âDistilled to their essence, revolutions are acts of supreme creativity. The US military is not inherently hostile to creativity, but is cautious. If the nation - our political and intellectual leaders and the public - decide that improving American capabilities in conflicts short of war is necessary and desirable, the pre-eminent task for the military is to continue to build and enlarge a culture of creativity and strategic entrepreneurship among the officer corps. To some extent this has begun. The changes leading to Airland Battle, victory in the Gulf War, and the current RMA were supremely creative. Still, these were only first steps. To make a revolution in conflict short of war will be more difficult. But to allow technology to develop without concomitant creativity would, in the end, endanger the Nationâs security.â 22

Hopefully such calculated barbarism, such calculated evil, will never come to pass, but should you detect any warning signs suggesting that it is, now you may also know of what others to expect.

And if âforewarned is forearmedâ, then, clearly, contributing to chaos and social disintegration would only be to play precisely the role that you are being so deviously lured into playing, leading you - all of us - into their technological clutches. Donât fall into that trap.

Work together - donât tear each other apart.


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Glenn Krawczyk: PO Box 1504, Burleigh Heads, Qld 4220, Australia.


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